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Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 1 fakan-tsary
Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 2 Antenna
Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 3 Fastening belt
Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 4 Micro SD reader
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Free unlimited Cloud Storage app for Apple iOS (version 13.1 and above) and Google Android (version 9 and above)

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - QR cotehttps://www.evolveo.com/app/evolveo-strongvision/

Before the first start-up, remove all protective films from the device, which are placed over the camera lens and the IR (infrared) sensor. These could otherwise prevent motion detection or affect image quality.
A 10,000 mAh Li-Ion battery is inserted in the device from the factory, remove it and fully charge it before use. The battery has a charging connector and a charging status LED. The battery can be charged even if it is inserted in the device! TIP: For easier operation, a spare SGV CAM-BAT2 battery can be purchased, which you can pre-charge using the integrated charging connector and replace an already discharged one at the installation site.
2.1. Insert an SD card into the device, the camera supports SD cards up to 256 GB, the SD slot is located on the side of the device next to the control panel.
2.14. Insert a MINI-size SIM card into the device, the SIM slot is located on the side of the device next to the control panel.

  • The SIM card must not be protected by a PIN code – make sure the SIM is unlocked before using it for the first time.
  • The SIM card must be activated, before using the SIM for the first time, make sure that the card is activated according to the instructions of your operator

2.15. TEST mode – Turn on the main switch to the middle position “TEST”. In the TEST mode, the device starts in the main menu, press the MENU button to switch to the carousel main menu. Use the arrows to move through the menu and confirm the selected settings with the “OK” button.
2.16. Language settings – the device is set to English at the factory – to change to your preferred language, proceed as follows: press the “MENU” button, scroll up or down to “Language” in the menu and confirm by pressing the “OK” button, select your language with the arrow and confirm with the “OK” button, press the “MENU” button again to return to the start screen.
2.17. App download – The Mobile App can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store or Google play – to search for the app, enter its name EVOLVEO CAM. The download link can be generated directly in the device MENU Network and select the item iOS application or Android application, by confirming one of the menus, a QR code will be created on the display, which will redirect you to the appropriate application store after scanning on your mobile phone.
2.18. Adding the Device to the Application
2.18.1. In the camera menu, select “Síť” (Network), confirm “OK” and then select Device ID – a QR code containing the device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) will open.
2.18.2. Open the EVOLVEO CAM app on your mobile phone. In the upper left corner, press the “+” button and scan the QR Code from the camera display. If for any reason you cannot scan the QR code into your phone, you can enter it manually, in the application at the bottom select „Zadejte ID zařízení“ (Enter device ID), enter the IMEI of the device as the ID, which can be found on the label on the camera or in the menu above the QR code of the device ID. It is a 15-digit number.
2.18.3. Fill in the name of the device. This name will then be displayed in notifications and as the camera name in the Application menu. Then fill in the password to access the camera Cloud. For a new device, the default password is set to “123456”. After successfully logging in to the application, changing the default password is recommended.
2.19. ASA: If everything is set to activate the device, turn the main switch to the ON position. The device on the display starts the countdown and the red LED above the camera lens starts blinking on the front panel. As soon as the LED stops blinking, the camera is operational and starts taking pictures based on the settings.

Technical Specifications

3.1 Ankapobeny

Display Loko TFT 2.4″
Senseran'ny hetsika PIR (Passive Infrared) — adjustable sensitivity (3 levels)
Detection angle of the movement sensor 120 °
Fanazavana alina IR LED 940 nm, 58 LED under the front antireflective cover
IR LED beam distance 20 m *
Dimensions H x W x D 187** x 118 x 87 mm
Operating mari-pana -10 ° C hatramin'ny + 50 ° C
Storage mari-pana -15 ° C hatramin'ny + 60 ° C
Fiarovana amin'ny fidirana an-tsehatra IP65
Security 4-isa tenimiafina azo atao
Operating mari-pana -10 ° C hatramin'ny + 55 ° C

* Night images may be dark if there are no other objects in the area in front of the camera from which the IR illumination may be reflected. Ideally, there should be objects in the area in front of the camera from which the IR illumination can be reflected, such as stones, shrubs, trunks and the like. The optimal beam distance is 8–12 m from the camera
** Including a mounted antenna bent to 90°, height including a straightened antenna 347 mm
3.2 Sary

fitarafana 8 Mpix colour CMOS (night photo black and white)
Lens F = 3.1; FOV = 120°
Photography resolution 30/24/20/16/12 MP
Exposition (ISO) Auto / 100/200/400
Timelapse mode 5 min / 30 min 1/2/3/6/12/24 h
Modus burst 1/3/6 or 9 images
Fampahafantarana sary Time and date, Temperature (°C, °F), Moon phase, optional title
Firaketana firaketana Photograph, Photo and Video, Timelapse
File endrika .JPEG
Hafainganam-pandeha 0.5 s*
Fahatarana elanelam-potoana The amount of time the device is inactive after the last motion-based start. Immediately, 10 s, 1/3/5/10/15 or 30 min

* PIR sensor distinguishes movement based on changes in surface temperatures. This is ideal when the subject in front of the camera has a sufficient surface temperature difference and intersects the recorded area perpendicularly (passes from side to side). If the subject approaches the camera frontally, it will take longer to detect the motion.
3.3 Video

Video resolution VGA, 720 p, 1080 p, 2K, 4K 30 fps
Ny halavan'ny firaketana 5/10/30/60 or 90 seconds
File endrika MP4/H.264
Liveview < 180 kBps **

** Frequent use of this feature may affect the amount of data consumed!
3.4 famatsiana herinaratra

Bateria mitambatra 10,000 mAh Li-Ion designed for the SGV CAM-PRO and SGV CAM-WiFi model. The battery is equipped with a separate charging connector
Power famatsiana DC 12 V 1.5 A — does not charge the built-in battery!
Connector for external charging DC Jack 3.5 x 1.3 mm
Bateria ivelany 12 V battery can be
connected to the external charging connector using a cable: SGV-CAM-PWRC

3.5 Fifandraisana

Supported mobile network frequency: FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20
TDD-LTE: B38 / B40 / B41
WCDMA: B1 / B5 / B8
GSM: 900/1,800
Karatra memika SD hatramin'ny 256 GB
SIM karatra Mini SIM card — PIN requirement deactivated
Antenna LTE Screw with a seal for 4G networks, can be replaced by an external antenna with an extension cable: SGV-CAM-EXTA
Fahatsiarovana anatiny The device does not have an internal memory
USB Can be connected to PC using a mini USB cable (not included in the package)

Famaritana ny fitaovana

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 6

1. Antenna (a rubber cover must be always used)
2. Fanazavana IR
3. LED famantarana, sensor hazavana Ambient
4. Lensa fakan-tsary
5. PIR sensor (Movement sensor)
6. Locking spot
7. Latches

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 7

1. Antenna connector (when using outdoors, the antenna must be always secured)
2. 2.4″ colour LCD display
3. Bokotra fanaraha-maso
4. Main position switch: OFF — TEST — ON
5. 10,000mAh Li-ion bateria
6. Power supply connection cable — must not be damaged. In case of damage, remove the battery and send the device to an authorised service.

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 8

1. Slot karatra SD (mahatratra 256 GB)
2. Mini USB connector for PC connection (Mass Storage)
3. SIM card slot (Mini SIM format)

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 9

1. Connector for DC 12 V / 1.5 A power supply (It charges the inserted battery!)
2. I/2″ tripod thread

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 10

1. Attachment for rope lock (SGV CAM-LOCK) max. diameter 12 mm
2. Fametahana fehikibo


1.Tambajotra ID ny fitaovana It generates the QR code / IMEI to add the device in the app
iOS app It generates the QR code for the app download for Apple devices
Android app It generates the QR code for the app download for Google devices
Update check Check if a new FW version or new APN (Access Point Name) list is available at the server
2. Fomba Camera In this mode, the camera takes only photos
Video In this mode, the camera takes only video
Fakan-tsary sy horonan-tsary The camera takes both photos and video.
Timelapse photos In this mode, the camera takes photos according to the selected timelapse interval.
3. Fanapahan-kevitra Resolution settings for Video recording: 4K, 2K, 1080p, or 720p or VGA.
4.Video Length Settings of the length of recorded video: 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, 60 s or 90 s
5. Fandraisana feo If activated, it records audio when recording.
6. Haben'ny sary It changes the resolution at which all photos will be taken, one can choose between 30, 24, 20, 16, 12, 8, 5, 3 MPX, the higher the resolution, the larger the file will be stored and transferred to the Cloud!
7. Elanela The interval is time data that indicate the period of inactivity after the
detected movement. If the camera is activated using the PIR sensor, it performs the required action and waits for the specified time after the movement
before it is possible to take another picture again. Values: 1 s, 10 s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min or 30 min.
8. Timelapse Interval Shooting interval setting in the Timelapse mode.
Photos will be taken at the selected time interval. The following values can be set: 5 min, 30 min, 1 h, 2 h, 3 h, 6 h, 12 h or 24 h.
9.Sequence In the Photography, Photo & Video and Timelapse mode, it sets the number of photos taken at the moment of the camera activation. Following number can be set: 1, 3, 6 or 9 photos
10.ISO ISO sensitivity, simply put, the darker the
surroundings, the higher value. If unsure of the settings, leave it in the automatic mode. Following number can be set: Automatic, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800 a ISO 1600
11.Rewrite On — The oldest files are rewritten when the SD card is full.
Off — New photos are not saved when the SD card is full.
12.PIR Sensitivity Sensor PIR sensitivity settings. If unwanted activation by remote objects occurs, the sensor sensitivity can be reduced. Following number can be
set: Low, Medium, High or Off
13. Fiteny Allows the language settings in the menu.
14.Frequency The frequency filter of artificial light. If the screen flickers during the video recording, settings can be changed to see if this phenomenon is minimised. Options are 50 or 60 Hz
15.Transfer Frequency Settings for the transfer of recordings taken from the camera to the Cloud. lx, 2x, 6x, 12x a day or every photo taken. The less transfers, the longer the operation time.
16.Camera ID A name shown in the stamp in the photos taken.
17.Password/PIN Security of the camera with a PIN code, when the function is switched on, you enter a new PIN, which the device will request every time it starts up.
18.Famantaranandro The operating time of the device — on the display, set the time range when the device should be active,
the device will not take photos for the rest of the day.
19. Daty / ora It sets the date, time and format. Move the arrows to choose and set, confirm by pressing the OK button.
20.Formatting It formats the memory of the SO card inserted in the device — data on the Cloud will not be deleted.
21.Default Settings It deletes all settings made on the camera, but the device will download the settings from the Cloud the next time you sync.
22. Version It shows the current FW version


Photos taken can be viewed directly on the camera display.
Fa viewing, switch to the TEST mode and press the Right arrow button on the home screen.
Arrow control keys:

  • Next photo: arrow up
  • Previous photo: arrow down
  • Alefaso video: zana-tsipìka havia
  • Stop video: right arrow
  • Return to the main menu: SHOT button

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 11

Taking Photos Directly from the Menu

The camera can take photos or videos using buttons only.
Switch the camera to the TEST mode. Follow these steps to control the camera:

  • The arrow up or down switches between the Photography and Video modes
  • Tsindrio ny bokotra SHOT raha haka sary


The camera can be fully used only with an application that is free to download on iOS and Android platforms. The application does not support a web client. A Cloud server where the photos are stored is part of the application. The servers are located on the Amazon platform and physically located in Germany.
8.1 App Download:
The application is free to download on Apple Appstore and Google Play as EVOLVEO CAM.
You can download the application using the QR code:

Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - QR cote 1https://www.evolveo.com/app/evolveo-strongvision/

8.2 Application Control
8.2.1 Rahona
The first Tab of the application is used to view ny files stored by the camera on the Cloud. The files are sorted in descending order according to the date of taking. If not all files are displayed, use the swipedown gesture, swipe down across the screen and hold for a while. The data will be synchronised. Files can be deleted in bulk or downloaded  to your phone. Just press theEvolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 128.2.2 mivantana View
This tab is used to display the Live View, send commands for immediate recording or browsing files on the device (Live View must be active – the connection to the camera must be established) Live View – a SIM card with an active data package must be inserted in the camera to display the camera view. To connect, press the arrow in the middle of the black screen – the connection can take several tens of seconds, depending on the signal quality of the device and the connection speed. To end the transfer, go to another tab or close the application.
Recording – press the Record or Capture button to capture a photo or video. The action is performed with a delay of several seconds.Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 13Files amin'ny fitaovana – can be used only when the Live View function is active (a direct connection to the camera is established). Files can be browsed, deleted or copied directly in the device.
8.2.3 Toetra
The Status tab shows the camera status. It shows the status after the last data exchange between the server and camera. To update the status, you can use the swipe-down gesture.
Signal – indicates the level of the camera GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) signal
Battery – the current charge status of the inserted battery. If the camera is connected to external power supply, it shows 100% charge
SD card – indicates the percentage of filled capacity of the SD card inserted
Position – opens a menu where the current camera position can be saved using map data and GPS in your phone. The camera does not include the GPS module. Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 14modely – shows the model of your device
Version – FW version of you camera
Last communication – time and date of the last synchronisation with the camera
hafanana – device temperature – if you use the Live View function for a long time or the camera frequently takes photos or videos, the temperature information may be affected by the heat generated by the device during operation.
Fikirana 8.2.4
The settings can be applied when the camera is activated. Each time the setting is changed, it is necessary to Save it – with the button in the upper right corner, when saving, it is necessary to select Immediate overwrite, otherwise the changes will be overwritten only during the next data exchange between the Camera and the server.
lamaody – sets the mode in which the camera operates when
mampandeha – Photo / Video / Photo & Video / TimelapseEvolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 15fahatarana – the interval between individual activations. After taking a photo, the camera waits for the selected interval before it is possible to take another picture – it is used to eliminate unwanted alarms.
Haben'ny sary – The resolution of pictures taken can be set – 3–30 Mpx – the bigger the value, the more space the pictures fill. The optimal value for most purposes is 16 Mpx. Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - fig 16Andian-tsary – The number of pictures the camera is to take when activated.
fahatsapana – sets the sensitivity of the PIR sensor
Anaran'ny fitaovana – is then displayed in notifications and individual cameras can be distinguished if you use more than one in the application.
ID ny fitaovana – camera IMEI number
Zarao ny fitaovana – Generates a QR code with which another user on their phone can add a camera to the application.
Kaody fiantsoana – Enter the international dialling code, for example “420” for CZ, “421” for SK
Laharana an-tariby – Enter the phone number of the SIM card, which is inserted in the device, without the international dialling code.
Fanovana horonantsary
Video resolution – sets the video resolution – VGA to 4K 30 fps
Halavan'ny horonantsary – required length of the video recording after the camera activation
Transfer frequency – the frequency of data synchronisation between the camera and the server.
Advanced Settings
Format data – changes the settings of the Day/Month/Year arrangement
Fitaovana maripana – °C or °F
fandaharam-potoana – sets the interval of the camera activation
Other Options
Fikirana APN – APN is set automatically directly in the camera, this option allows you to check the correctness of the APN settings
Fanovana tenimiafina – used to change the password in the Cloud, the default password is “123456”, if you change the password and forget it, contact technical support at www.hitveo.com to reset it
Format the storage – used to format the SD card inserted in the
fitaovana – all data will be lost during formatting.
Esory ny fitaovana
Deletes the currently used devices from the application


9.1. The Camera Does Not Record Photographs/Video during the Movement Detection

  1. Check the PIR sensor for damage or a leaf blocking the view.
  2. Try the camera in places without hot surfaces. The PIR sensor detects movement based on the temperature difference, if the surroundings of the camera are overheated, the sensor will not be activated.
  3. In some cases, the water surface may cause the PIR sensor to activate unintentionally, in which case turn the camera away from the water surface.
  4. Set the camera not to directly face the ground.
  5. Attach the camera so that it does not move and there are no large moving objects, such as a large tree.
  6. At night, the device can detect movement outside the beam distance of the IR illumination, so no moving subject will be recorded in the photos.
  7. Sunset or sunrise may cause the recording to start unintentionally – change the position of the camera.
  8. If the animal/person in front of the camera is moving fast, the camera may not detect them – move the camera further away from objects (for example, away from the trail on which the game is moving)

9.2. The Camera Takes No Photos

  1. Make sure there is enough free capacity on the inserted SD card. If the function of old files overwrite is switched off, the device no longer records after the SD card is full.
  2. Make sure the Li-Ion battery has enough power to operate the trail camera.
  3. Ataovy azo antoka fa eo amin'ny toerana ON ny switch fa tsy OFF.
  4. Format the card on your computer to FAT32 before using it for the first time

9.3. The Night Illumination Does Not Have Sufficient Range

  1. Make sure the battery in the device is charged; at lower capacities, typically below 15%, the night illumination may not activate
  2. For good night-time quality, place the camera in a dark place without additional light sources.
  3. Try to use the camera in places where it will be surrounded by other objects that can reflect the IR illumination. If you place the camera in an open space, the resulting photo will be poorly lit. It is the same as shining a flashlight in the night sky, you will not see anything, even if the flashlight is very powerful.

9.4. The Camera Does Not Send Any Photos to the Cloud

  1. Make sure that the inserted SIM card has the PIN code request deactivated.
  2. Make sure the SIM is activated and has enough data volume to transfer photos and Live streams!
  3. Check that the correct international dialling code of your country in the format “XXX” is entered in the application, e.g. “420” for the Czech Republic
  4. Make sure you saved all the settings in the application and rewrote the immediate change
  5. Make sure that the device has a sufficient signal – there is a signal status indicator directly on the main screen of the camera – the signal strength does not always match the signal strength on your mobile phone, it can only display the signal strength in GSM networks at a given time!

7.5 Coordinates are inaccurate – you assign coordinates according to your phone’s GPS. This feature is only used to enter the position of your device to record the location. The device cannot be actively searched by GPS – the camera has no GPS hardware.

Fanohanana sy fiantohana

Firstly, read the “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions” at: https://eshop.evolveo.com/strongvision-wifi/ na mifandraisa amin'ny EVOLVEO Technical Support amin'ny: service@evolveo.com 
Ny fiantohana dia tsy mihatra amin'ny:

  • fampiasana ny fitaovana ho an'ny tanjona hafa ankoatry ny nanaovana azy,
  • fametrahana firmware hafa ankoatry ny napetraka amin'ny fitaovana
  • fahasimbana elektrika na mekanika ateraky ny fampiasana tsy mety
  • damage caused by natural influences such as water, fire, static electricity, fluctuations in electrical current and the like 13
  • damage caused by repairs performed by an unqualified person
  • numéro de série tsy hay vakiana
  • battery capacity decreases after 6 months of use (6 months battery life guarantee)

Vovoka Dustbin Fanariana
The crossed-out container symbol on the product, in the enclosed documentation or on packaging means that all the electric and electronic equipment, batteries and storage cells in the European Union must be disposed of as sorted waste at the end of their service life. These products must not be disposed as unsorted municipal waste.
Evolveo StrongVision Pro Security Camera - icon 1 FANAMBARANA NY FANOMPOANA
Abacus Electric, s.r.o. hereby declares that the EVOLVEO Strongvision PRO complies with the requirements of standards and regulations relevant for this type of device.
For the full wording of the Declaration of Compliance see
Abacus Electric, sro
Planá 2, 370 01, Repoblika Tseky
Ny sandan'ny anjara Naxya Limited
No. 5, 17/F, Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong
Vita sinoa

Evolveo logoCopyright © Abacus Electric, sro
Zo rehetra voatokana.
Product appearance and technical specifications are subject to
changes without prior notice.

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